Sony Headphones: The Best In Sound And Comfort For Discerning Music Fans

Sony MDR-Z7 headphones reproduce subtle high frequency sounds up to 100kHz. With 70mm HD drivers featuring Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragms, and a full metal design, you get the clarity you need to enjoy High-Resolution Audio – for music that takes you closer to a live performance.

Sony MDR-1A headphones capture the true essence of each track – so you’ll hear music that’s closer to the original studio master. From deep beats to soaring vocals, sound stays true for an authentic and precise experience. Listen to High-Resolution Audio titles from your favorite artists with Sony MDR-Z7 and MDR-1A.

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About High-Resolution Audio

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  • Sound & Color

    Alabama Shakes

  • These Days Are Now

    City of the Sun

  • New York Is My Home

    Dion, featuring Paul Simon 

  • Baby Hold On

    James Hunter Six

  • Tenor Madness

    Sonny Rollins Quartet 

  • What Part of Me


  • Scars


  • Better Hide, Better Run

    The Glitch Mob

  • Ugetsu

    Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

  • Space Song

    Beach House

Premium Quality Audio

Thousands of HDtracks titles are available in 24-bit studio-master quality that puts you in the studio with your favorite artists.

The Truest Sound

Titles on HDtracks use the same master created in the studio, so every recording sounds exactly as the artist and engineers intended.

HD Audio On the Go

Get amazing sound quality no matter where you go. Just plug in your USB cord and drag-and-drop your HD music onto your device.


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Enter your email address above. A few minutes later you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link in the confirmation. A few minutes later, you will receive another email that contains a link to download your free HD audio sampler. For the best experience, download the sampler to a computer first then copy it to your device.
If you downloaded the sampler to a computer as we recommend, unzip the files someplace on your computer to a location that you will be able to find later. Plug your device into your computer using the USB cable that came with your device. Your device should appear as an extra hard drive in your computer's File Manager. Simply copy the unzipped music from your computer to your device. Disconnect the device when the copy completes. Your device's default Music app should find the new music automatically.
In addition to being encoded in low-res 16-bit, most music available to consumers today is also heavily compressed to make storage and transfer over the Internet more convenient. As a result, much of the original recording's fidelity is lost. At HDtracks, we think music should sound as the artist intended. We don't cut corners for the sake of convenience. We offer 24-bit studio-quality recordings that preserve all of the original recording's fidelity. Many of our titles are superior to even the CD version. We've also made it easy to enjoy this content with our fantastic Download Manager and wide variety of playback formats we make available.
The sampler is really free! The closest thing to a catch is that HDtracks may contact you in the future with special coupons and offers on hi-res music. Don't worry, we will not sell your information to another company for marketing purposes.
Absolutely! Any device that supports playback of 24-bit FLAC files can play the sampler.