Soul of Things

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In the two years since Tomasz Stanko’s much-loved “Soul of Things”, both the trumpeter and his young Polish band have continued to make their mark. Many miles of touring, on both sides of the Atlantic, have honed their already exceptional group understanding. “Suspended Night” builds upon the conceptual framework established by its predecessor – the bulk of the album is devoted to a series of haunting and soulful “Suspended Variations” - but the improvisational quotient is expanded, as all participants take more solo space, and more chances.

"Truth and beauty can catch you unawares. We get so used to their more plentiful opposites: the falsehoods of celebrity and advertising, and urban life's routine ugliness, which can get so familiar that we become fond of it. So I recommend Suspended Night by the Tomasz Stanko Quartet. Stick it in your CD player, put on your headphones and listen to nearly 70 minutes of beautiful music: not pretty, and neither saccharine nor sentimental; not weird nor even challenging “ just beautiful jazz. ¦ Every chiming piano chord, softly nudged bass line and fluttering snare sounds freshly minted, played with sheer youthful joy and Stanko's masterful trumpet floats over the top “ sings, flies, exults, wails and cries with a restrained emotional power." - John L Walters, The Guardian