Spiderland (Remastered)

Available in Audiophile 96kHz/24bit

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Spiderland (Remastered) 1:58:41 $17.98
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# Track Title Length Format Sample Rate Price
1 breadcrumb trail (remastered) 5:54 96/24 Album only
2 nosferatu man (remastered) 5:34 96/24 Album only
3 don, aman (remastered) 6:27 96/24 Album only
4 washer (remastered) 8:50 96/24 Album only
5 for dinner... (remastered) 5:05 96/24 Album only
6 good morning, captain (remastered) 7:41 96/24 Album only
7 Nosferatu Man (basement practice) 7:06 44.1/24 Album only
8 Washer (basement practice) 4:49 44.1/24 Album only
9 Good Morning, Captain (demo) 7:35 44.1/24 Album only
10 Pam (rough mix, Spiderland outtake) 4:44 44.1/24 Album only
11 Glenn (Spiderland outtake) 8:00 44.1/24 Album only
12 Todd's Song (post-Spiderland song in progress) 7:22 44.1/24 Album only
13 Brian's Song (post-Spiderland demo) 5:57 44.1/24 Album only
14 Cortez The Killer (live Chicago 1989) 8:37 44.1/24 Album only
15 Washer (4 track vocal demo) 7:22 44.1/24 Album only
16 Nosferatu Man (4 track vocal demo) 5:23 44.1/24 Album only
17 Pam (4 track vocal demo) 3:33 44.1/24 Album only
18 Good Morning, Captain (Evanston riff tape) 0:45 44.1/24 Album only
19 Nosferatu Man (Evanston riff tape) 3:18 44.1/24 Album only
20 Pam (Evanston riff tape) 4:39 44.1/24 Album only

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The American rock band Slint began in 1986. In August of 1990, Slint recorded their second album, Spiderland, and the world would never again sound the same. Produced by Brian Paulson at River North Recorders in Chicago and released by Touch and Go Records in April of 1991, the six songs on Spiderland methodically map a shadowy new continent of sound. The music is taut, menacing, and haunting – its structure built largely on absence and restraint, on the echoing space between the notes, but punctuated by sudden thrilling blasts of unfettered fury. It is a sound that no one had heard before and that no one will ever forget.

Spiderland spawned a whole new genre, frequently called Post-Rock, and came to be regarded as one of the most important and influential records of the past thirty years. The album was introduced to a wider audience when the song “Good Morning, Captain” appeared on the soundtrack for Larry Clark’s controversial 1995 film Kids. In 2010, Spiderland was enthroned in the popular and acclaimed 33 1/3 series of books about seminal record albums.

Slint's 1991 album, Spiderland, remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Recorded August-October, 1990 at River North Recorders in Chicago, IL.

Brian McMahan - guitar, vocals
David Pajo - guitar
Britt Walford - drums, vocals, guitar
Todd Brashear - bass guitar

Producer: Brian Paulson
Recording engineer: Brian Paulson
Remastering engineer: Bob Weston

Note: Tracks 7-20 = 44/24