Stephen Hartke: Violin Concerto, Symphony No.2

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Stephen Hartke: Violin Concerto, Symphony No.2 55:14 $11.98
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1 Allegro festivo - Lento calmato e misterioso - Subito andantino, scherzando - Con brio, liberamente, 15:37 44.1/16 Album only
2 'Auld Swaara' - Fantasy on a Shetland fiddle tune (Adagio sereno) 12:59 44.1/16 Album only
3 Andante con moto 09:38 44.1/16 Album only
4 Scherzo: Molto vivace 05:19 $1.49 Buy
5 Adagio sostenuto 11:41 44.1/16 Album only

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The Concerto for Violin & Orchestra is in two movements. The first is a musical portrait of violinist Michelle Makarski, for whom the piece was originally composed, with two dance-like, high-spirited sections wrapped around a quiet, mysterious passage. The second is more pensive, a fantasy based on "Auld Swaara,", a Shetland Island fiddle tune that is a lament for a lost fisherman traditionally played at day's end before putting the instrument away.

Symphony No. 2 (in three movements) bears the dedication "To my memory of my father." To paraphrase Hartke, the Symphony is an essay on the tragedy of failure. It is altogether darker in mood than the Concerto and elegiac in tone. Both works strongly confirm Hartke's ability to write fresh, eloquently communicative music springing from a decidedly romantic artistic temperament.

"... If constructing organic structures is one challenge facing today's composers, finding a distinctive musical voice is another. Stephen Hartke has one.... Authenticity is a difficult quality to account for, but Mr. Hartke's music is guileless and affecting...."