Stephen Malkmus

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Pavement split at the end of the '90s, having pioneered the lo-fi approach and saved indie-rock from eating itself. Rising from the rubble, the band's singer/songwriter emerges with a solo debut that (surprise) bears a strong resemblance to none other than his erstwhile ensemble. Pavement had been getting progressively more sophisticated right up until its breakup, so this album finds Malkmus negotiating from a position of musical strength. All the elements that fans found attractive in his former band are here; quirky, mega-ironic lyrics that reference everything from Sarasota to Yul Brynner, eccentric, spastic rhythms, and perfect little guitar hooks.

On the lovely, affecting "Church on White," Malkmus momentarily drops the post-modernism, reaching for an earnest melodicism that is one of the album's major coups. But if you're hoping for a departure from the indie king's Pavement past, you'll find yourself in the strange position of being disappointed by a batch of infectious, well-written songs played with enthusiasm and skill.

...His most playful, lighthearted tunes since WOWEE ZOWEE....mapping out his adult style of indie slop with casual grace... - Rolling Stone