Stolen Diamonds

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Stolen Diamonds 50:22 $17.98
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1 Dream A Little Dream 02:52 88/24 Album only
2 Night And Day 05:48 88/24 Album only
3 Mother's Nature Son 03:53 88/24 Album only
4 Moon Over Bourbon Street 05:36 88/24 Album only
5 Duerme Negrito 03:51 88/24 Album only
6 Moonlight In Vermont 05:58 88/24 Album only
7 Moon River 04:39 88/24 Album only
8 Baby Mine 04:52 88/24 Album only
9 Buonanotte fiorellino 02:12 88/24 Album only
10 El infinito 03:06 88/24 Album only
11 Fly Me To The Moon 03:26 88/24 Album only
12 Good Night 04:09 88/24 Album only

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℗ ©  2017 Velut Luna

In the late '90s years, Emilia Vecchi - Italian scholar and amateur singer - decided to produce a musical concept album, based upon the theme of the "Night", according especially to the dreaming soul of it.

She selected few songs among famous pop and rock hits with the help of the producer Marco Lincetto and then she asked the composer Oscar Del Barba to write a totally new arrangement of these songs.

Well known all over the world for the extraordinary quality and originality of his work, Maestro Del Barba wrote a completely new score, that mixes different styles from Classical, to Jazz, to World Music.

The result was a score that became "a classic" exactly when it was written...: fascinating even due to extreme difficulty for any voice that would try to sing it.

In the early 2000s years the score was recorded by Marco Lincetto and afterwards Emilia sang and recorded the original texts of the songs into the new score written by Del Barba, for the Italian indipendent label Sicut Sol (very good "friend" of Velut Luna...)

Now Emilia Vecchi "agreed to be stolen" the legendary files from Beàs, young singer, but already hold in high regard, for her first solo album, whose title is not by chance "Stolen Diamonds".

This project is not a "cover album", but you can listen to a new performing of a fixed, written, score, such as you can listen to thousands and thousands performing of Classical Music: but it is NOT exactly Classical... For the very first time ever...

All arrangements by Oscar Del Barba


Tracks 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 10 - 11

24bit/88.2kHz original recording at Salone Da Cemmo, in Brescia, on November 2002:

Oscar Del Barba, grandpiano / Guido Bombardieri, clarinets / Marina Rossi, trombone

Salvatore Maiore, doublebass / Beppe Gioacchini, percussions


Tracks 4 - 9 - 12

24bit/88.2kHz original recording made at Fondazione Masiero e Centanin, in Arquà Petrarca, on October 2002:

Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord / Mario Folena, flute / Paolo Tognon, dulcian


The voice of Beàs was recorded at Velut Luna Studio, Casalserugo, on February 26th, 2017 using Ribera R12 tube microphone and 24bit/88.2kHz Prism Sound AD2 Dream converter.

Mix and Mastering was made at Velut Luna Studio, Casalserugo, on February 28th, 2017


Production: Velut Luna

Executive Producers: Marco Lincetto & Emilia Vecchi

Musical Producer: Marco Lincetto

Recording, Mix and Mastering: Marco Lincetto

Photo: Marco Lincetto

Design and Layout: L'image