Suryaghati EP 1

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ZAMAN 8 is the musical partnership between Dan Newman and Sanaz Ebriani. Suryaghati (which means sundial in Sanskrit), is their debut on Six Degrees Records, featuring a collaboration with renowned Iranian world-jazz saxophonist Hafez Modir. Suryaghati takes us through side streets, bazaars, samba processions, Jamaican dub sound-systems, and electronic beat battles – an incredible groove journey. Listening, one can feel as though surrounded in a smoky lounge in downtown NYC, a restaurant in downtown Cairo, a café in Barcelona or nightclub in Tokyo. It’s not simply a “mash-up”, but a real “multiplicity” of international sounds. “Imagine something like John Coltrane, Hamsa El Din and DJ Premiere in collaboration. A sound one can really imagine, but not one we’ve actually heard”, says Dan Newman. Sanaz reaffirms stating that “the single most important thing is that we create something that will leave a strong imprint in one’s mind now and 10 years from now”. Native San Franciscan DJ/Producer Dan Newman (aka r:sphere) had three major influences growing up: music, outer space and code. Raised on the set of Sun Ra’s cult classic film “Space is the Place,” produced by father Jim Newman, Dan was exposed from an early age the diversity of art and cutting edge music and its interplanetary influences. At 14, Dan began programming his own video games which would prove to be a powerful tool in pioneering forward thinking music. During his college years at Wesleyan University, he studied West African drumming with Ghanaian master drummers Abraham Adzenyah and Freeman Donkor, and jazz with Bill Baron and Bill Lowe. Dan is a self taught blues and afro-beat guitar player, bassist, percussionist, and electronic music producer, who has a comprehensive history in electronic music production, including work with several Bay Area hip-hop artists in the early 90s (Midnight Voices, Hieroglyphics, the Coup), and collaborations with the Asian Underground group Dhamaal Soundsystem. Born in 1978 in Tehran, Iran, Sanaz Ebriani and her family emigrated to the U.S, like many other Iranian-Americans, to pursue freedom of expression. Sanaz’ father, Jacob Ebriani, a renowned surrealist painter, and mother, singer in her own right, both introduced her at a very young age to many different kinds of vocalists including Ray Charles, Enrico Macias, Sima Bina, and Faramarz Aslani. Music was entrenched in the history and lineage of her family, allowing Sanaz to learn Mizrahi and Sephardic chants while surrounded by both traditional and popular Persian music. Her curiosity and thirst for other musical idioms began in high school and college when she started studying jazz theory and vocals. Special guest, saxophonist and composer Hafez Modirzadeh has collaborated with the likes of Don Cherry, Peter Apfelbaum, and Fred Ho, and has been recorded on more than a dozen releases, including the seminal 1993 In Chromodal Discourse and the critically acclaimed 1996 work The People's Blues, as well as the soundtrack for the Mirimax film release of Kevin Spacey's Albino Alligator.