Terra Mater

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Terra Mater 01:13:35 $17.98
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1 Bint El Shalabiya 04:39 88/24 Album only
2 Lunga Nahawand 05:20 88/24 Album only
3 Apo xeno topo 07:00 88/24 Album only
4 Antice 03:28 88/24 Album only
5 En quantas guisas 03:46 88/24 Album only
6 Yedidi Hashakhakhta 06:57 88/24 Album only
7 Epitaffio di Sicilo 09:07 88/24 Album only
8 Ayrilik 07:03 88/24 Album only
9 Guitarra 06:46 88/24 Album only
10 Danza di un' Europa minore 04:37 88/24 Album only
11 Ninna nanna Berbera 06:27 88/24 Album only
12 Mome stoje - La platj 08:25 88/24 Album only

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℗ © 2018 Velut Luna

This record holds our sounds, the beautiful time we passed together, and echoes from an even bigger reality. We met by chance as five young completely different people but were united right from the start by a common musical idea. We began our artistic research through the melodies of Latin poet Lucrezio and little did we know that through him we would soon find our musical inspiration. This first discovery helped us focus our music on the Mediterranean culture making our first desire that of ideologically conveying our listeners to those lands.

Music in our opinion has an incredibly unifying power amongst cultures both in conflict and in peace. This is the motive that pushes us to search for new cultures and new musical traditions.

Ensemble Terra Mater, Irene, Ruben, Nicola, Francesco & Angela

24bit / 88.2kHz original recording made at AreaMagister Studios, Preganziol (Italy)

on April, 9 - 10, 2018

Production: Velut Luna

Executive Producer: Marco Lincetto

Musical Producer: Tommaso Benciolini

Recording, Mix & Mastering: Marco Lincetto

Paintings: Irene Benciolini

Photo: Marco Lincetto

Design & Layout: L'Image


Ensemble Terra Mater

Irene Benciolini violin, viola

Ruben Medici oud, guitars, banjo mandolin, viola, violin

Nicola Benetti accordion, classic guitar, duff, darbouka

Francesco Trespidi duff, darbouka, riq, bansouri, kaval, low whistle, alto recorder, musette

Angela Centanin voice