Terror Twilight

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9 Speak, See, Remember 4:40 $1.49 Buy
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11 ...And Carrot Rope 4:12 $1.49 Buy

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Pavement’s extraordinary fifth album is their first recorded on 24 tracks and the first produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead’s OK Computer, Beck’s Mutations). The result is a spacious, detailed sound bigger than any previous Pavement record. The guitars are crystalline, the highs and lows clearly separated.

“Pavement have evolved from garage-rock pranksters to the most surefire band on the planet.” —Rob Sheffield, Details

The varied Terror Twilight layers soaring vocal melodies over Ringo Starr tempo changes, blues jams with the swing of the Groundhogs, and early 70s classic rock tropes from Don McLean to the James Gang. No mere compendium of influences, this album’s awareness of rock history lends it epic proportions. One could compare it to Loaded or Abbey Road for its effortless juxtaposition of the ordinary and the bizarre, for placing a warmhearted pop song like “Spit On A Stranger” next to the ominous Black Sabbath-inspired epic “The Hexx.” It sounds simple and natural, the work of musicians who listen to records and think.

“Pavement stands as the finest rock band of the ’90s.” —Robert Christgau, Village Voice

By far their most solid and coherent album to date, Terror Twilight still contains the classic Pavement elements: a countryish, folky roots-rock shamble foundation, cryptic lyrics and the occasional two-second blast of white noise. Bigger production, greater variety, and a higher level of emotional investment elevate this album above its immediate predecessors. Prepare to be blown away.

“Is Pavement the greatest rock band of all time?” —Matt Diehl, Request

...It's this kind of thing that keeps Pavement completely essential....The beauty on TERROR TWILIGHT is more striking because it sounds like its been stumbled on while walking out to buy coffee, trainers or tofu... - NME