The 23 Constellations Of Joan Miro

Available in 44.1kHz/16bit

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The 23 Constellations Of Joan Miro 56:18 $11.98
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1 Sunrise [Bobby Previte] 3:10 $1.49 Buy
2 The Escape Ladder [Bobby Previte] 2:18 $1.49 Buy
3 People At Night Guided By The Phosphorescent Tracks Of Snails [Bobby Previte] 2:27 $1.49 Buy
4 Women At The Beach [Bobby Previte] 2:14 $1.49 Buy
5 Woman With Blonde Armpit Combing Her Hair By The Light Of The Stars [Bobby Previte] 2:18 $1.49 Buy
6 Morning Star [Bobby Previte] 2:38 $1.49 Buy
7 Wounded Personage [Bobby Previte] 2:26 $1.49 Buy
8 Woman And Birds [Bobby Previte] 2:14 $1.49 Buy
9 Woman In The Night [Bobby Previte] 2:03 $1.49 Buy
10 Acrobatic Dancers [Bobby Previte] 2:18 $1.49 Buy
11 The Nightingale's Song At Midnight And Morning Rain [Bobby Previte] 2:47 $1.49 Buy
12 On The 13th, The Ladder Brushed The Firmament [Bobby Previte] 2:23 $1.49 Buy
13 Nocturne [Bobby Previte] 2:52 $1.49 Buy
14 The Poetess [Bobby Previte] 2:16 $1.49 Buy
15 Awakening In The Early Morning [Bobby Previte] 2:45 $1.49 Buy
16 Toward The Rainbow [Bobby Previte] 2:58 $1.49 Buy
17 Women Encircled By The Flight Of A Bird [Bobby Previte] 1:35 $1.49 Buy
18 Women At The Border Of A Lake Irradiated By The Passage Of A Swan [Bobby Previte] 2:09 $1.49 Buy
19 The Migratory Bird [Bobby Previte] 2:19 $1.49 Buy
20 Ciphers And Constellations In Love With A Woman [Bobby Previte] 2:07 $1.49 Buy
21 The Beautiful Bird Revealing The Unknown To A Pair Of Lovers [Bobby Previte] 2:45 $1.49 Buy
22 The Rose Dusk Caresses The Sex Of Women And Birds [Bobby Previte] 2:16 $1.49 Buy
23 The Passage Of The Divine Bird [Bobby Previte] 3:00 $1.49 Buy

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An exciting new musical universe from the mind of composer/performer Bobby Previte. Filled with sweeping gestures and meticulous detail, The 23 Constellations of Joan Miró is Bobby Previte's dream project and one that he's been working on for over six years. Performed here with an all-star ensemble, Constellations is beautifully recorded and presented with a lush 36 page booklet containing color reproductions of all twenty-three of Miró's masterpieces. Previte's most original compositional achievement is also his most delightful.

Ralph Alessi
John Bacon
Jane Ira Bloom
Michel Gentile
Wayne Horvitz
Elizabeth Panzer
Bobby Previte
Ned Rothenberg
Jamie Saft
Lew Soloff

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