The Blue Planet

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16 Killer Whales 7:53 44.1/16 Album only

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Original score composed by George Fenton.

From the get-go, the title cut of George Fenton's The Blue Planet could knock even the most jaded soundtrack listener out with its rousing, emotional combination of powerful orchestral oomph and ethereal touch of chorus. If you are a fan of James Newton Howard's recent work (especially knockouts like The Sixth Sense or Atlantis), you will simply adore this disc from its first note onward. It's interesting when you stop to consider that Fenton wrote this music for an acclaimed BBC docuseries way back in 1996, long before Mr. Howard had landed either of the aforementioned gigs, the wondrous scope of The Blue Planet is even more impressive. But then again, with relatively overlooked masterpieces such as Final Analysis and the haunting Mary Reilly under his belt, George Fenton has always been one of the most talented and underrated composers around.