The Chemistry Of Common Life

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11 The Chemistry Of Common Life 7:33 44.1/16 Album only

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After the 18-minute single, "Year of the Pig," which eloquently spoke for the often voiceless Canadian sex workers, fans had no idea what to expect from Toronto's most adventurous punk band. THE CHEMISTRY OF COMMON LIFE is often bruising, but as much for its quiet moments as its heavy ones. Singer Pink Eyes has retained his blustering, gruff voice, but the music surrounding him is more subtle and shaded, borrowing equally from artier acts like Sonic Youth and the blunt force of Black Flag. "Crooked Head" and "No Epiphany" arrive on waves of feedback and frothy washes of keening guitar, but sturdy tracks like "Black Albino Bones" and "Days of Last" stomp and rumble with pure vintage hardcore strength. The album's closing title track, clocking in at around seven minutes, puts it all together seamlessly.

Here, they combine hardcore punk's combat-boot side with its tortured-noise side, layering what sounds like scores of tsunami-distortion guitars over an atomic-speed drum blitz to attain rarely witnessed levels of obliteration. - Blender