The Color Of Light

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4 Empress 7:02 44.1/16 Album only
5 The Queen of Cups 4:49 $1.49 Buy
6 The Color of Light 5:52 $1.49 Buy
7 Black Garden 5:15 $1.49 Buy
8 Of The Earth (A Vampire Love Story) 6:00 $1.49 Buy
9 Dementia 4:21 $1.49 Buy
10 I Bleed 6:36 $1.49 Buy
11 Cupra 1:28 $1.49 Buy
12 Ciree3 7:22 44.1/16 Album only
13 The Black Garden Of Lillith 6:32 $1.49 Buy

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Through such highlights as "RU Divine" to "C.O.L.-Frequency Of Twilight," THE COLOR OF LIGHT introduces a wide-range of stylistic signposts that penetrate the musical fabric, providing a cohesive glue that ties everything together seamlessly.

An exceptionally gifted guitar player, Balducci approaches the music found on THE COLOR OF LIGHT with a deftness of style, spirituality, and musical sophistication. "I think the songs on my album take the listener on a journey," said Balducci. "Because this music is instrumental, there are no language barriers. Music can bring all cultures together."

"Falling Water" sets the stage for the album perfectly, framed by sleek, modern production, an aggressive "in your face" melody and corrosively brutal guitar work. "The Alchemist" continues the hard-hitting assault on the senses, its muscular axe stylings riding on a fiery, volcanic groove. "That song is one of my favorite tracks on the record. It features me playing 7-string guitar. The heavier stuff I do is inspired by groups like Dream Theater, Tool and Perfect Circle."

Not content to harvest the same musical field over and over, as repeated spins of THE COLOR OF LIGHT will confirm, Balducci is clearly a seasoned pro, well versed in a multitude of styles. He's equally comfortable shredding notes faster than the speed of light (check out "Black Garden") and then slowing down the gears completely on the same track with an intricately executed parade of well-chosen notes and robust nuances. "The way this record was recorded was that a lot of the music was improvised," Balducci explains. "I didn't go in there with a set solo guitar break on any song. It's funny, when the record was done I had to go back and learn some of the guitar parts because there was a real sense of spontaneity behind the creation of the record."

Opening with an imaginative flurry of complex chording reminiscent of prime Jimmy Page, "Queen Of Cups" lifts off like a rocket ship, sweetly cushioned by a stunning interweaving guitar line, intriguing percussion and jangly bells. "That song was inspired by my Mom. The title 'Queen Of Cups' is a tarot card and the meaning behind that is unconditional love, rooted from our Earth and shining forth on the family. Not surprisingly, my Mom loves the song (laughs). She was touched by it."

Another track that allows Balducci to flex his musical muscle is the wah-wah flavored, "Of The Earth-A Vampire Love Story." With a haunting, Hendrix-ian inspired opening that sounds like it was recorded underwater, the song is an atmospheric jewel, driven by a warm and subtle rhythmic foundation and fluid guitar prowess. "The inspiration behind that song comes from the Anne Rice book, Interview with the Vampire. The character has a lonely existence and he's trying somehow to fill that void in his life. I was trying to capture that desolate vibe with the music."

The album, produced by Ethan Meixsell and Balducci, was recorded at New York City's Midtown Sound. "Ethan knew my style and was a fan of the music so we worked well together, bouncing off ideas." Featuring Balducci on all guitars and electric sitars, he's ably supported by a musical team that includes Meixsell, drummer Rob Stankiewicz (Haji's Kitchen), keyboardist Maria Dessena and Jim Pegg and Ben Whitman on percussion.

What remains a constant about THE COLOR OF LIGHT is the intoxicating cinematic scope of the sounds, skin-tight arrangements and Balducci's extraordinary six-string dexterity. And the musical community has also taken notice of this new guitar giant, with scores of global publications here and abroad loudly singing his praises (most notably Guitarist UK, Guitar World, Young Guitar, and Burn).

Music is a highly personal experience for each and every listener, a uniquely exotic adventure conjuring up a kaleidoscope of different emotions and feelings. Like a master snake charmer, Balducci's music seduces, inspires, challenges, and ultimately takes you onto a new dimension of light and shade. "I'm very excited about the music on the record. It covers a lot of ground and I think it'll touch people's hearts when they listen to it." Surrender to Rob Balducci's THE COLOR OF LIGHT, and bask in the sonic glow.

"It only takes one time through this CD to see that Rob Balducci has a lot more to offer than exceptional technique. The Color of Light takes the listener on a journey, that has more twists and turns sonically than you would expect in an instrumental guitar album. Tracks such as the Color of Light, lay down rock rhythms that rival early Metallica, but are so tastefully flavored with great harmonies that you do not miss lyrics. These songs could easily cross over to the rock or metal fan." - The RockSquad