The Loan

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4 Gastibelza 8:01 44.1/16 Album only
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8 Mint 7:03 44.1/16 Album only
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Debut of BABKAS and Pachora co-leader Brad Shepik (and member of Dave Douglas's Tiny Bell Trio and the Paradox Trio) features his compositions arranged for a Balkan/Turkish/Persian (and occasionally Afro/Celtic) flavored quintet. Supercharged world jazz. Shepik, guitars, electric saz, banjo, cumbus, with Peter Epstein (alto and soprano sax), Tony Scherr (electric bass), Kenny Wollesen (drums) and Seido Salifoski (dumbek). Richard Gehr's Top 10 for 1997, Folk Roots.

Shepik excels in a vein of ethnic improv that mines Middle-Eastern and southern European sources with real wit and passion... His playing has real flair, and the material is deep, spirited stuff “ full of appeal not only for the avant-jazz crowd but also for world music fans and the hippie-groove contingent. ” Bradley Bambarger, Billboard