The Morning World

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6 None Is the Number 7:47 44.1/16 Album only
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8 Noble Liar's Ancient Machine 4:16 $1.49 Buy
9 If Rushmore Should Fall 6:29 $1.49 Buy

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Chris Morrissey - bass
Dave King - drums
Michael Lewis - saxophone
Peter Schimke - piano
Bryan Nichols - piano

"Minnesota might not be the first place you think of when you think of a jazz stronghold. Even though the Midwest played an important role early in the days of jazz and swing music as bands traveled across the States, the middle of the country eventually lost out to the Coasts as the idea of what’s hip swung from Count Basie to Styx.
The jazz scene in Minneapolis, Minnesota has enthusiastically bridged the gap between jazz and rock with influential groups like the Bad Plus and Happy Apple. Bassist Chris Morrissey builds on this fusion and adds his own unique compositional approach on his new record, The Morning World.Morrissey has integrated many of the ideas that he has picked up from playing with rocker singer-songwriters (e.g. Ben Kweller, Mason Jennings and Haley Bonar) and talented jazz musicians. His compositions contain a balance of strong songwriting, focus and skillful improvising. Morrissey enlists some of the Midwest’s brightest to fill out his band, including drummer Dave King (The Bad Plus, Happy Apple), saxophonist Michael Lewis (Happy Apple) and, sharing piano duty, Peter Schimke and Bryan Nichols. The Morning World provides a great example of the eclecticism and skill of a new generation of musicians and their associated scene (regardless of freezing weather)."