Walkabout & Back: Electroacoustic Works

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Have you ever experienced those remarkable moments when everyday sounds, similar in structure but different in function, coincide - the phone that rings through the trill of a Mozart piano cadence; the baby whose cry follows the meandering squeak of a nearby door? The coincidence of similar sounds creates curious double takes that draw us back to our senses and into the intrinsic beauty of sound. I am struck by these moments, by their suspension of communication, and by how I find myself listening, uncertain whether I should. While the confusion these anomalies create can be explained and resolved, their charm is not dispelled, nor is the uncanny sense that somehow they represent a new sound, even a musical one. Like new sounds in music, they challenge our perceptions and invite us to reinvent our memories of sound. (Paul Koonce, from his liner notes)

It has been with an ear turned toward these moments - their magic and the insight they give us into sound and representation - that Paul Koonce composed the works in this collection. These works were all created out of recorded materials, using collage and various computer manipulations to create a unique, evocative sound world.

Paul Koonce

"So... this CD is very interesting - sometimes outright surprising - but it lacks structure or theme (as if the composer couldn't decide what to do, and just did it all) - if that maybe wasn't what Koonce aimed at...You never know...and maybe, as I said, the best way to enjoy it is to stop identifying the sounds and just enjoy their properties; timbres, rhythms, pitches, fragrances, colors..." - Ingvar Loco Nordin, Sonoloco Online