Wings, Songs Of The Jewish Heart

Available in Audiophile 48kHz/24bit

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Wings, Songs Of The Jewish Heart 1:06:01 $17.98
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# Track Title Length Format Sample Rate Price
1 Fallen Leaves 03:55 48/24 Album only
2 A Lullaby For My Doll 01:28 48/24 Album only
3 Rain 00:52 48/24 Album only
4 The Clock Is Tired 02:09 48/24 Album only
5 Wind, Wind 01:30 48/24 Album only
6 The Cool Of The Evening 01:45 48/24 Album only
7 Mellow The Wine 01:24 48/24 Album only
8 Here Is Your Love Gone 02:20 48/24 Album only
9 The Night Has Enclosed Me 01:52 48/24 Album only
10 Beside The Depths Of The River 05:43 48/24 Album only
11 And In Me Is Another 01:32 48/24 Album only
12 A Star Fell Down 03:33 48/24 Album only
13 To Dead Ground 01:36 48/24 Album only
14 Night 01:30 48/24 Album only
15 The Stars 01:29 48/24 Album only
16 Before Dawn 01:05 48/24 Album only
17 Eli, Eli 03:27 48/24 Album only
18 A Song 04:09 48/24 Album only
19 Kadish 04:44 48/24 Album only
20 Enigme eternelle 01:43 48/24 Album only
21 Le séparation 03:33 48/24 Album only
22 Chant du veilleur 01:14 48/24 Album only
23 Chant de déelivrance 03:59 48/24 Album only
24 Berceuse 02:01 48/24 Album only
25 Una pastora yo ami 01:47 48/24 Album only
26 Montanas altas 03:27 48/24 Album only
27 Una noche 02:14 48/24 Album only

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℗ © 2005 Velet Luna

Mordechai Zeira (1905-1968): Fallen Leaves
Paul Ben Haim (1897-1984): A Lullaby for my doll; Rain; The Clock is Tired; Wind, Wind
Jehezkel Braun (1922-2014): Songs of the dove and the Lily
Zvi Avni (b. 1927): Beside the depths of a river; And in me is another; A Star fell down; To Dead Ground; Three Little Night Songs
Three Little Night Songs: Night; The Stars; Before Dawn
David Zehavi (1910-1977): Elì Elì
Eran Elbar (b. 1967): A Song
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Kadish; The Eternal Enigm 
Darius Milhaud (1892-1974): The separation; Song of the Watchmen; Song of Deliverance; Lullaby
Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-1999): I loved a shepherdess
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968): High Mountains; One Night

Baleria Fubini Ventura, vocals
Anna Barbero, piano 

This CD, absolutely atypical in the Italian and European recording survey, proposes an exhaustive collection of music composed by some of the most expressive Israeli contemporary authors. The music doesn't suffer from avant-garde influences of musical currents in the twentieth century, but rather their musical horizon is tied to the European national school during the end of the nineteenth century, with melodies of the Middle East in a new and original context.

Wings - Songs Of The Jewish Heart was recorded live in digital high resolution during a warm summer afternoon in the small church of S. Apollinare in Monticello near Vicenza. This CD is an interpretative gift of Valeria Fubini and Anna Barbero and the talent of Ravel, Milhaud, Ben- Haim.

Recorded June 30, 2005 at Chiesa di S. Apollinare, in Monticello, Lonigo, Italy.

Producers: Valeria Fubini Ventura and Anna Barbero
Recording engineer:
Marco Lincetto
Editing engineer: Fabio Framba
Mastering engineer: Matteo Costa