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Though she's released six solo discs in her native land of Cuba, the woman affectionately called La Negra is best known stateside for recording with the New York-based group Yerba Buena. On her self-titled debut solo effort for Chesky, she fuses the essence of Cuba's rhythmic folk songs to a sophisticated, contemporary sound.


Composers: Hugo Blanco, Descemer Bueno, Juan Formell, Andres Levin, Luis Marquetti, José Manuel Solis

Vocals: Cucu Diamantes, Xiomara Laugart, Pedro Martinez

Bass: Andy González, Sebastian Steinberg

Drums: Skoota Warner

Guitar: Andres Levin

David Chesky, Andres Levin

Executive Producer: Norman Chesky

Session Assistant: Matthew Epstein, Milton Ruiz

Production Assistant: Lisa Hershfield

Production Coordination: Rick Eckerle

Engineer, mastering, editing: Nicholas Prout

Assistnant Engineer: Rick Eckerle

Project Coordinator: Lisa J. Marks

"Exudes sex from her pores with the rare confidence of a seasoned performer" - Global Rhythm