Year Of The Pig

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Toronto’s FUCKED UP tore asunder the bonds of hardcore punk with last year’s limited-edition 12” YEAR OF THE PIG. Released on highly collectible Brooklyn label What’s Your Rupture?, the title track is 18 minutes of pure fury and disgust.

The fury is for the meat industry and corporate hypocrisy. The disgust is ultimately for ourselves and our own lifestyles of excess and consumption. The pig at the trough, pushing aside his fellow-creatures in his greed for more food, will ultimately be food too.

This rather grim, if compelling, exegesis, is laid over a loping, menacing bass beat and a plaintive female vocal singing “Pigs at the trough show no fear” in a childlike, almost nursery-rhyme-ish introduction. Abruptly the trademark 3-guitar assault is unleashed, along with vocalist Pink Eyes’ bloodcurdling growl: “Pigs at the trough slit and squeal.”

This is not comforting music, but it is utterly engrossing and honest. It adds yet another layer when you realize that the song is about the treatment of sex workers in Canada. With this EP, FUCKED UP have broken out of the hardcore ghetto and rewritten the rules of the genre.

The new Matador issue of this 2007 single consists of the two original tracks, "Year of the Pig" and "The Black Hats", "Year of the Pig" edits from the US, UK, and Japan, the B-sides of the UK and Japan 7"s ("Anorak City" and "For My Friends"), and one track exclusive to this version, "Mustaa Lunta".