The Steven Wilson Remixes

Available in Audiophile 96kHz/24bit

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The Steven Wilson Remixes 4:02:56 $34.98
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# Track Title Length Format Sample Rate Price
1 Yours Is No Disgrace (Stereo Remix) 09:44 96/24 Album only
2 Clap (Stereo Remix) 03:17 96/24 Album only
3 Starship Trooper: Life Seeker - Disillusion - Wurm (Stereo Mix) 09:34 96/24 Album only
4 I've Seen All Good People: Your Move - All Good People (Stereo Remix) 07:00 96/24 Album only
5 A Venture (Stereo Remix) 03:33 96/24 Album only
6 Perpetual Change (Stereo Remix) 08:53 96/24 Album only
7 Roundabout (Stereo Remix) 08:32 96/24 Album only
8 Cans And Brahms (Stereo Remix) 01:40 96/24 Album only
9 We Have Heaven (Stereo Remix) 01:42 96/24 Album only
10 South Side Of The Sky (Stereo Remix) 08:02 96/24 Album only
11 Five Per Cent For Nothing (Stereo Remix) 00:36 96/24 Album only
12 Long Distance Runaround (Stereo Remix) 03:30 96/24 Album only
13 The Fish (Stereo Remix) 02:39 96/24 Album only
14 Mood For A Day (Stereo Remix) 02:58 96/24 Album only
15 Heart Of The Sunrise (Stereo Remix) 10:38 96/24 Album only
16 We Have Heaven (Reprise) (Stereo Remix) 00:48 96/24 Album only
17 Close To The Edge (Stereo Remix) 18:42 96/24 Album only
18 And You And I (Stereo Remix) 10:12 96/24 Album only
19 Siberian Khatru (Stereo Remix) 09:01 96/24 Album only
20 The Revealing Science of God (Stereo Remix) 20:16 96/24 Album only
21 The Remembering (Stereo Remix) 20:32 96/24 Album only
22 The Ancient (Stereo Remix) 18:40 96/24 Album only
23 Ritual (Stereo Remix) 21:44 96/24 Album only
24 The Gates of Delirium (Stereo Remix) 21:58 96/24 Album only
25 Sound Chaser (Stereo Remix) 09:30 96/24 Album only
26 To Be Over (Stereo Remix) 09:12 96/24 Album only

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YES mark their 50th anniversary this year and release YES: THE STEVEN WILSON REMIXES which spotlights five studio albums that helped secure the band’s recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

YES: THE STEVEN WILSON REMIXES is available now as a five album set. It includes remixed versions of: The Yes Album(1971), Fragile (1971), Close To The Edge (1972), the double album Tales From Topographic Oceans (1973), and Relayer(1974). Each album features remixed audio by Steven Wilson, released on vinyl for the first time.

The record case features artwork created specifically for the set by Roger Dean, whose artwork and trademark calligraphy are synonymous with the band’s identity; two of the albums, Close To The Edge and Tales From Topographic Oceans, have new cover art, while the remaining three covers have been reworked by Dean.

After their initial release in the 1970’s, Wilson’s articulate remix shines a light on the stellar performances that run deep through each of these the albums, from hits like “Roundabout” and “I’ve Seen All Good People,” to album-side length epics like “Close To The Edge” and “The Gates Of Delirium.”

The music included in this collection confirms the band’s standing as the most enduring, ambitious, and virtuosic progressive band in rock history. It also follows the band through a number of personnel changes. Starting in February 1971 with YES’s third studio release, The Yes Album, the band featured vocalist Jon Anderson, bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Tony Kaye and drummer Bill Bruford. Released just nine months later, Fragile was YES’s first release with keyboardist Rick Wakeman. The same line-up returned on 1972’s Close To The Edge. A year later, drummer Alan White made his YES debut on Tales From Topographic Oceans. And finally, keyboardist Patrick Moraz joined for Relayer in 1974.